Out Now! Loose Village – Trouble In The Tropics

Any good artist album represents the true versatility of a producer, spanning the spectrum within a chosen musical genre with ease. Trouble in the Tropics is the culmination of years of fine tuning and honing the Loose Village sound and is a true reflection of the style and ethos Loose Village Recordings strives to promote within house music. Up until recently, Loose Village has been known for his tribal house releases on prominent labels such as Anabatic, Clean House, Real4Play and of course, his own. But with this album, his sound diversifies immensely, making forays into vintage deep house, his trademark tribal sound, expertly layered vocal tracks, the stripped down, and even a bit of acid for good measure. As examples, look no further than this progression: there is the straightforward, tribal chugger that is “What’s Going On,” complete with dark vocal sample, a great synth stab and a groove fit for the underground. And then there is the more sultry, moody house tune “Dala Beat” that is centered on a luscious, jazzy horn sample which carries the track into the sublime. And finally, finishing off the album is the massive “It’s a Desert Thing,” which draws on some old school acid elements for a truly monstrous build-up and breakdown that make this a bonafide peaktime weapon. All of the tracks are unified by his singularly meticulous percussive programming, which is quickly becoming a hallmark of the Loose Village style. But they span the house genre so effortlessly that it’s no stretch to say that Trouble in the Tropics is, all at once, the past, present and future of house music.

Understand My Soul
I Don’t Know You
Serpent’s Swing
Scissor Me Timbers
Karate Drop
Dala Beat
It’s A Desert Thing

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Loose Village This Wednesday at La Cave

I have the honor and pleasure to play the best party in Orange County (hands down) this Wednesday, along with a few close friends! Past guest to this party include Lee Foss, Bag Raiders, and Tiger & Woods, just to name a few. It’s an underground restaurant & bar and is home to the underground Jazz scene here in Orange County.

Hosted by: MDA (Modern Disco Ambassadors)

Loose Village
The Perfect Gentleman

Kedd Cook

FREE b4 10pm :: $5 After
La Cave
1695 Irvine Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

For more info you can visit the Facebook Invite

Out Now! Chiqito – Affekted EP

For our third release of 2012, The Village welcomes a breakthrough artist hailing out of Budapest, Hungary by the name of Chiqito. If you follow labels such as Taylor Made, Deeperfect, Muzik X Press, & Witty Tunes, you’re sure to be familiar with his work! On this release Chiqito drops a stripped down House track with a bubblin’ bassline and a breakdown complete with haunting bells that is sure to be a crowdpleaser at any hour on the dancefloor.

Keeping true to the original, Loose Village brings the same stripped down House vibe to his remix, but on this take he introduces a seductive guitar rhythm and a rolling bassline that keeps the mood groovin’.

Rounding off this release, Steve Ryback flips the track on it’s head and takes us deep into the subversive world of Deep House with haunting chords and pipe bending percussion.

Affekted (Original Mix) Listen
Loose Village Remix Listen
Steve Ryback Remix Listen

Artwork Photo Credit: Chris Nelson

Loose Village – Chilled Selections

Over the years I’ve slowly accumulated a handful of really great Chill Out & Downtempo tunes. More so over these 2-3 months since I listen to a lot of it on the internet radio when I’m at work. So I thought I’d might as well share some of my collection with you all in an 80 minute mix. Though this isn’t really a ‘DJ’ mix per say but a selection of the very best in my collection. Hope ya dig!

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Bally Sagoo – Dil Cheez
Bluetech – Triangle (Retriangulated)
K. Vid & Tim Tonic – Out Of Atlantis
FC Kahuna – Hayling
Marsmobil – Magnetizing
Crustation – Purple
Lovage – Stroker Ace
Mark Farina – Dream Machine
Sofa Surfers – Sofa Rockers (Richard Dorfmeister Remix)
The Karminsky Experience Inc. – Departures
Marko Bokun – Familiar
Koop – Baby (D Malicious Remix)
Unclubbed ft Kim Wayman – We Are The People
Aphex Twin – Alberto Balsalm
Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Schwindelig
Royksopp – Remind Me
AIM – Cold Water Music
Bent – I Can’t Believe It’s Over

Label Update!

A few months have passed since the hard drive in my computer crashed and I’m excited to say we are back on track with an upcoming release from Chiqito! If you follow labels such as Deeperfect, Muzik X Press, Taylor Made, & Witty Tunes, you’ll know who I’m talking about. The release, entitled Affekted will be accompanied by remixes from myself and Steve Ryback. This release is due out April 20th!

Artwork Photo Credit: Chris Nelson

A Devastating Loss…

Last night the hard drive with all my rendered music, all my project files, all my website files, album artwork for the label, half my audio library, all my pictures, shit I’ve downloaded over the years was lost due to hard drive failure. I was just gaining the momentum needed to propel the label through 2012 and I lost it all. I’m currently trying to obtain a Macbook Pro that will be twice as fast as the studio PC that I was previously using. I’ll bounce back from this, it’s just a matter of time…

Out Now! We Choose (Single)

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the 35th President of the United States, serving from 1961 until his assassination in 1963. On a late summer afternoon in 1962, he gave a speech in the football stadium at Rice University in Houston, Texas. He spoke about pushing America towards solving the mysteries of space and reaffirmed America’s commitment to landing a man on the moon.

In this groove, Loose Village takes excerpts from this monumental speech and laces them up in a lush Deep House track that’s fit for any late night party.

We Choose Listen


Out Now! Spiritual Beginning EP

For this excursion, Loose Village embarks you on a spiritual journey with three distinct primal rhythms that will turn any dance-floor into a place of sacred EDM worship. The first journey will you take part in, is a ‘Spiritual Beginning’. One where a goddess vocal chant breathes energy into your soul and a native flute guides your feet across the dance-floor.

There’s much more to this trip then meets the soul. Half way through your journey you will meet a reaper. A gate-keeper to the underworld. He will show you a darker side to heavy percussion rhythms but fear not! ‘Don’t Fear The Reaper’. This is strictly for the head strong!

For your final ‘Awakening’ you will be enlightened by your ancient ancestors from centuries ago. They will chant to you a story of what it was like to dance in the temple ruins, underneath the torches and how the cosmos play a divine role in what it means to be human.

Spiritual Beginning Listen
Don’t Fear The Reaper Listen
Awakening Listen


Bill Withers – Who Is He (Ryback Remix)

Some free deep house to get your Friday night started. (Click the down arrow on the right of the player below to download)

Bill Withers – Who Is He (Ryback Remix) (FREE) by Steve Ryback

Escape From Wonderland Recap

This past Saturday a few friends and I had the privilege to embark on an epic journey out to San Bernardino for Insomniac’s Escape From Wonderland festival. This stellar line-up included Android Cartel, Drumcell, Umek, Ramon Tapia, Martin Buttrich (live), Heidi, Cassy, Paco Osuna, & the master, Marco Carola. Needless to say, we didn’t leave the Techno room! Unfortunately we got there a little too late to see Android Cartel or Drumcell, but we did get a chance to start off the night with Umek; whom was a little too bleepy for my liking (but that was expected). Ramon Tapia followed behind and dropped a few bombs but I felt his set could of used a little more polish. Where our night started was right when Martin Buttrich hit the stage. I can’t get enough of this guy’s live sets! Amazing, deep, melodic, Tech House. Heidi was great just after and played a lot of fun hits. She certainly knows her grooves and it’s always a pleasure when she comes around!

But for me…

…the set of the night goes to Cassy! She played some of the most twisted Tech House & Techno of the evening! This was my first time hearing any of her music and was thoroughly amazed from front to back! I can only hope she comes back to Southern California soon!! =D After raging for a few hours, we took a trip outside and chilled out for a good minute. Come to think of it, I think we only saw a track or two from Paco Osuna. Yea I know, we missed out, however we did get a chance to close our night out with Marco Carola! So many great grooves and this one in the video was a huge highlight of the night! If only you could of felt this bassline : )

After leaving the festival we took an hour long trip up into Mt. Baldy for a really embarrassing Psy-Trance party at some shit-hole lodge. LOL.. The best part of this trip was the road trip, and once we got there, we saw this kid on a bad trip!